ACSV Legal – A humble, modern approach to a high-end legal firm design

ACSV Legal is a vibrant and dynamic Vietnam-based law firm, located in Ho Chi Minh City. ACSV Legal is a full-service commercial law firm, advising on various high profile complex cross-border transaction across many areas and industry sectors. They have a diverse and multilingual team of experienced and talented lawyers who are qualified in Vietnam, the UK, the US, Germany, and Malaysia in civil and common law jurisdictions. The languages spoken at ACSV Legal include Vietnamese, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, French and Malay.

AKI Design was tasked for a turnkey expansion and renovation project to create ACSV Legal’s new workspace, AKI Design team understood closely the mission and a key aspect of the project that ACSV Legal focusing. Creating the new workplace encourages staff to return to the office or choose a hybrid model, with flexible workspaces taking center stage.


A concept should be welcoming, while still maintaining a professional feel & sense. From layout to the color schemes, all design elements need to come together in a way that exudes competence and understanding. Legal office design, however, doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The main idea shows that by integrating different elements, you can be both professional and welcoming, and clients will feel that they’re getting the best and the professional service available.

Reception area

Elegant waiting area

Offices are no longer simply meeting places. Clients and employees expect a variety of spaces tailored to their individual needs. Conference rooms, collaboration areas, private offices, and social spaces all need to find a place within a modern legal office.

Meeting room

A humble, modern approach to a high-end legal firm design was executed for ACSV Legal with simple, refined finishes of wood and clean, white forms accented by long, linear details visible in lighting selections

Mark Oakley, Managing Partner said it was important that the new ACSV Legal workplace aligns with the company’s identity, business core values, including trust, quality, and professionalism whilst forming the underpinning of a successful market positioning amongst international legal firms.

Lounge area

Where standard necessities include privacy and the physical division of space in order to maintain confidentiality, presenting a unique flexibility challenge. Familiar methods of configuration, including floor-to-ceiling walls, glass films, acoustical insulation, and the corner office are being replaced with new methods to achieve the same level of discretion, now with increased flexibility and equity.

Private room


These trends that reduce the physical hierarchy in the space make contemporary legal offices more agile and efficient. It also creates vibrant and engaging flow that encourages collaboration within and between teams, encouraging employees to embrace a new way of working in the office.

Workspace area

Pantry area