AKI Design partnered with Doosan to create their new office in Hanoi Vietnam

Doosan specializes in the manufacture of heavy industrial equipment including Boilers for power plants, Port Crane & Structure, Desalination plants and some other key mechanical products. In persuing EHS management commitment plan and new business strategy year to come they have partnered with AKI Design to create their new home at Capital Place Office Building, grade A plus standard.

The design aims to sustainability workplace practices as the movement promoting a greener relationship between people, companies, and the environment. AKI Design team successfully fulfilled their goals by creating a workspace that looks and feels professional, sophisticated and bold with the signature colors of Doosan’s brand.

The design for Doosan’s new office emphasizes the harmony between human and the environment. With a younger workforce, AKI Design has fulfilled their desire for a workspace where people feel productive, heathy and inspiring.