AKI Design would like to congratulate Coway Vina on first office in Vietnam.

With this footprint, Coway’s objectives are rasing brand awareness and gaining Vietnam air purifier and water purifier markets. Therefore, they chose AKI Design as a partner to create their new and worth working office.

The design aims to reflect the Coway’s unique values and culture which are free communication and high-tech style. AKI Design applied a design concept that emphasizes practicality, the open space structure, and is faithful to the Coway Blue color to express Coway’s free and youthful sensibility.
The optimization of the work environment allows natural lighting to play a key role in working atmosphere and partition minimization to boost internal communication.
The concrete pattern vinyl floor and LED panels in reception area and mini showroom reflects innovative and high-tech spirit, which can impress coming guests completely.

Transparent glass walls are applied as much as possible to create an atmosphere of suggesting ideas and communicating without hesitation regardless of rank and year. The mix-match of concrete and wooden floor color are great boosts to modern and bright office.

In conclusion, Coway’s workplace, which continues to lead a healthy life by repeating innovation that has not existed in the world, is supported by careful consideration for each space design.

To address this project, AKI Design’ teams put a lot of efforts to research clients and building. Not only coming up with solution for office design, but AKI Design also promptly responds to Coway’s urgent schedule and still ensure the good quality meeting Coway’s requirements.

“Better design, Better performance”