Fasten your seatbelts and get onboard with Airbus Viet Nam’s new office, created by AKI Design.

Fasten your seatbelts and get onboard with Airbus Viet Nam’s new office, created by AKI Design.

Airbus is a European aerospace corporation that designs, manufactures and delivers products and services in different flying segments including commercial aircraft, helicopter, defense, security and space. As the first aerospace company to begin operation in Vietnam, Airbus wants their representative office in Hanoi to translate its global presence, while reflecting the “first-class” and luxurious atmosphere through an astute choice of materials and furniture.

The office space will welcome and host their partners, suppliers and politicians, while encouraging collaboration and innovation within the company, internally and globally. AKI Design team successfully fulfilled their goals by creating a workspace that looks and feels professional, sophisticated and bold with the signature colors of Airbus’s brand: Blue, Orange and Grey. The wall art highlights their global presence and connectivity, being the center of the entire workspace as one of their core values.

When you walk into the working area, there is a great view of the skyline with maximum natural light and open space, providing employees a calm and welcoming environment that will enhance their productivity and wellbeing. The breakout area with low table and bean bags allows people in the office to step out of their desks and find a different way to work. This is where they connect, collaborate, have open discussions or simply recharge with a power nap. Built around the idea of space optimization, AKI Design has met client’s expectations when creating an open-plan, central collaboration space with smooth flow of people, while still offering a meeting pod for private conversations, phone calls or quiet brainstorming sessions. This is a nice touch for an open-space concept.

There are many custom features that serve as the medium for functional and emotional connection. The long bench reminds us of a waiting bench at the airport, with Airbus’s slogan “The world is a beautiful place” on top that represents their vision, mission and purpose as Airbus is widely known for the commercial planes and helicopters flying across many beautiful continents and oceans. The message also inspires and reminds people of Airbus’s commitment to sustainability and continuous efforts to making the world a beautiful place.

Around the space, you can see light strips and arrow patterns that encourage movement as if a plane were taking-off. This clear directional track also aims to increase velocity and high-efficiency at work.

The design for Airbus’s new office emphasizes the harmony between human and the environment. With a younger workforce, AKI Design has fulfilled their desire for a workspace where people feel productive, heathy and inspiring.