How Brendel & Associate a law firms are embracing the agile workplace

How Brendel & Associate a law firms are embracing the agile workplace as a way to meet the sectors new and emerging business challenges.

AKI Design was hired by Brendel & Associate, to design and deliver a turnkey project for their new office located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
They put their trust in AKI Design to create their new office and reflect their professional ethics into their prestigious workspace.

The design aims to reflect the pure ethics and integrity of the brand. A prestigious feeling reinforced by a neutral palette: white, gray, and black to highlight the vast collection of artworks showcased in the office. The optimization of the work environment allows natural lighting to play a key role in the global atmosphere, especially with the polished concrete floor.

The concrete floor reflects the open ceiling and the suspended cable trays lighting in harmony with dark wood paneling, glass, and white marble countertop to seek a balance between minimalist and industrial style, where beauty is precisely in the heart of this duality.

A selection of LED panels above each workstation is ensuring perfect lighting without affecting the overall design. Spotlights are used to enhance branding elements such as logos and reinforce the segmentation between each area within the office.

The implementation of high open-shelf up-to-ceiling fulfilled with standards “back folders” are not only functional but also meets the overall pattern, bringing a highly professional look & feel. The mix-match of black shelves and different colors for the trimming edges brings a luxury touch as well as functional partitions. The opposition between the white open ceiling & black workstations is harmonious thanks to greenery and the plant pots.

To address this project, AKI Design’ teams develop meticulous research of employees’ working habits, needs, emotions. Further research has been led in the law firm workspace thanks to on-site observations, interviews, questionnaires, workshops, and town hall meetings to ensure clear and effective communication from the beginning to the end.

“Better Design, Better Performance”