Inside the new Playstudios’s expansion office where wellbeing & human centric designed.

Capturing the intent of the space and discovering the client’s known and unknown aspirations by bringing together and enabling stakeholders to express and support expansion into a new territory where wellbeing and human centric designed.

Working space connecting with territory to get more nature light

Playstudios Vietnam opened its very first Vietnam office in 2021 – which officially marks its integration into Vietnam’s market. Just within a year, along with the rapid development of the corporate, the second and expansion office was constructed to fulfill the need for space.

Open workspace

This is also the second Design and Build project with Playstudios. As a gaming company, it is important to create an inspiring and inclusive culture for talents to be free to think outside the box.

Discussion town hall

Discussion booths

We designed many multi-functional working areas and agile where supports client`s need and their employees can work, collaborate, brainstorm and focus in several choice of space and extremely modern corners such as  co-working spaces or even around the pantry, as long as they feel comfortable.

Multi co-working spaces

Pantry space connect with multi co-working space

Pantry area

Co-working space

The logo color of Playstudios has been used in wallpapers and furniture to increase brand identity. With an open-office style, we are not too focused on dividing space or between departments. All closed walls and partitions are eliminated, instead, mezzanine partitions are prioritized.

Open working space

Discussion & relax area

Playstudios’s office is that its design is human-centered. Their employees have to say “wow” when seeing “phone booth”, “brainstorm room” and “nap room” here. Employees will not be disturbed by any noises outside. In return, people who want to create outstanding ideas or take a nap can have their corner.

Brainstorm room

Femail restroom

Male restroom

After every project, satisfaction from our clients is what we always want. AKI always tries our best to bring the ideal office to you.