LEAPXPERT – A Hybrid And Modernity Workplace In Ho Chi Minh City

LeapXpert – The Leader in Business to Client Conversational Solutions. Following the trend of the smart working plan, LeapXpert decided to boost its change management journey and opted for AKI Design to design and build their new office in Ho Chi Minh City, identities as a project of innovation and modernity as well as emanates creativity, inspiration, fascination and sustainable.

Ain’t no boundaries, ain’t no limit

From flexible meeting rooms and training spaces to breakout open workspaces that open to collaboration areas, Leapxpert’s new office provides the types of spaces their staff could increase efficiencies, creativities, attract and retain top talent and continue to foster their strong company culture.

LEAPXPERT’s new office encourages the movement, interaction, and sharing of ideas.; it focuses on the activity-based-working method, which believes that individuals need to carry out their tasks in different work settings.

The Color – a deep and visual language

Color is all about expression, defined as the visual effect of light reflecting and refracting. The colors highlighted in this project were white, associated with peace, innocence, tranquillity, kindness and clarity. Blue – a calming color and symbolize reliability, serenity, stability, inspiration and wisdom. The orange color means joy, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, encouragement, determination, stimulation, expression, and fascination.

Minimalism but optimization

LeapXpert’s office is equipped with lockers for every employee, which greatly optimize the space, enhances the mobility and increases the chances of meeting, communication and idea sparkles. The locker cabinet near the large celebration areas and open workspace. Employees can jump into work or conduct small brainstorming after storing personal belongings.

The open office area is open to the side of the window as an important area of ‘agile’ work. Here, the designer sets up partitions on staff desks by all writing glass whiteboards, which can be used alone or in combination for discussion with a small scale. With comfortable loose furniture, this long strip of the area next to the open working area will be the most frequently used place in daily work.

Outside eco with inner fresh

Took advantage of a tiny space, glammed up and greener LeapXpert’s balcony relax corner.  Having plants in the office is the easiest way to create a calm and soothing ambience. Not only does it add an aesthetic value, but also beneficial for employees health as well.

Semi-transparent phonebooths separate individual workplaces, yet keep the space continuous and flowing.

Open office area is open to the side of the window

Staff desks with writing glass whiteboards.

Smart lockers help greatly optimize the space

Movable walls for a flexible meeting room

Finally, the project was another one of AKI Design’ success. We had actually created a working space for the leaders who ready to LEAP.

AKI DESIGN – Workplace Strategy
“Better Design, Better Performance”