AK Interiors has just finished an exciting office relocation project for Chong Kun Dang Pharm Office (CKD).

CKD were looking to relocate their offices to a new building in the centre of district 01 HCMC. CKD approached AK Interiors to help them to refurbiish the current office in Sunwah Tower and resuse old furniture and design and fit-out the new office in Melinh Point Tower, and relocate all their employees into the new office space. CKD realised that the office environment had to work harder than ever before to provide ease and flexibility for their employees. They wanted to provide an inspirational workspace to help their staff stay happy and motivated, and to help attract and retain the best talent.

AK Interiors created a stunning office interior that really reflected CKD` truely need, that resuse the current furniture to apply and modify to a new office which included large open plan areas of desking and working zones, café area to allow staff to get away from the office environment and take some time-out.