Playstudios Office – A Place That Attracts People Coming To

A hybrid workplace is predicted to become the model office work of the future COVID-19.
Hospitality, residential, and high-tech design come together by AKI Design to create a hybrid and a wellness-focused office for Playstudios, a premier space to accommodate employees of the US game producer company in Hanoi. They invested in their employees as well as their office is indeed on the cutting edge. 

Create the perfect first impression. The modern and hybrid office speaks volumes of the company’s core values, expertise, and dedication. From the company’s modern filing systems to its contemporary reception desk, first impressions are born from the details of the office environment. From collaborative office seating to contemporary office desks-strikes the progressive note that leaves a lasting impression and makes the modern office interior look stunning. 

Imaginative Island – Think outside of the earth

Multiple shades of green, oranges, and yellows can all be overwhelming furniture colors when applied liberallybut they create beautiful, chic looks when utilized properly. AKI Design played a color challenge to Playstudios fresh and aesthetically pleasing appearance, ensuring to promote feelings of calmness and contentment.

Plenty of plant & Green box

To brighten up the nest

Rarely do our biggest “A-ha!” moments come in the middle of a big conference or formal meeting. Instead, we’ve probably noticed most of our high-impact ideas come when we least expect it while we’re having coffee with a friend, out for a walk, or even in the shower.

A ping pong table or boxing corner. These types of employee lounge perks encourage interaction and friendly competition, as well as help to lower stress and absenteeism. Again, “a-ha!” moments come when we least expect them sometimes taking our mind off our latest work dilemma to do some boxing punches is all we need for our next big breakthrough. 

Everyone works differently, and there’s certainly no wrong way to get things done. That’s why it’s important to get creative and add some variety to theworkplace. Make it easy for those who need to get out and bounce ideas off of other coworkers to do so, but be sure to keep some traditional spaces for those who just need to hunker down on their own to crank out their best work. When done right, our office can easily become an extension of the home, the local coffee shop, or wherever else our employees need to go for the promise of productivity. 

In most cases, companies build with technology in mind, not people. And thoughit does take tech to make a business work, we don’t have to worry about technology’s well-being. When an office is designed well, with the human centric (body and spirit) in mind, employees are happier at work. And if we remember from our humble beginnings, it takes happy people to make a successful company.

And we are AKI Design here by your side to sketch and build your ideal living workplace! 

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