Saigon – Hanoi Securities Office – The Value of Belief

AKI Design was tasked with creating a design and build for the office space of Saigon – Hanoi Securities JSC (SHS), a renowned securities company with more than 15 years of experience. The SHS workplace stands out for its spacious and airy environment, utilizing the space effectively and fostering a youthful and dynamic working style.

The lobby

The entire lobby is a luxurious and modern space, serving as a reception area for guests and a place for business transactions. The incorporation of elements such as stone-patterned tiles, ribbed glass, and accent pieces like gold inox adds an air of sophistication and elegance to the area.

The waiting area

The waiting area with its curved vault and paintings of old Saigon and Hanoi is a focal point that connects space and time, linking memories of the past with the present space.

The transaction counter

The transaction counter located next to the window provides a priceless and impressive view of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral.

The working area

The working area is completely open and airy, creating a sense of spaciousness and comfort. Blue and orange colors are used to reinforce the branding element throughout the space.

The hotdesk area features an energetic orange color as its main highlight, conveying positive energy. Additionally, circular decorative lights act as a centerpiece, dividing the workspace by purpose and evoking the SHS logo.

The meeting room

The meeting room with blue accents is equipped with movable partitions that easily connect two small rooms to create a larger space.

The private room

The private room is arranged to meet all functional needs with neutral colors and dark wood tones that express strength.

The pantry

The pantry is arranged with easy-to-move equipment. The predominant use of mint green color incorporates the building’s glass features into the design while also taking advantage of natural light.

AKI Design has designed an office that reflects SHS’s core values of Integrity, Creativity, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction. The design of the office seamlessly blends the present and the past, expressing modern and youthful elements while also showcasing traditional features. In summary, the office not only meets its function but also helps to attract and retain employees for the business.