Back to 2017 when we intended and planed to set up our AKI Design branch office in Hanoi Capital. There was some hindrance to be ensured our success for contributing our efficient in changing the thinking of working space to turn into new modern and agile office space.

There is no doubt anymore and today we are excited to inform our Hanoi branch office is officially opened to inspire and deliver our passion in office design and build firm in the Northern.

We are pleased to present the new looking of AKI Design branch office in Hanoi, this is not only the first brick in our own creative dream journey, but we hopes this will also be the point. Originating, helping you – valuable customers, be inspired in the next experience of changing your workspaces when accompanying in office design and build with us in the near future.

Better Design, better performance is our slogan

Nice view of our pantry where all staff can discuss – relax with a cup of coffee

We will try to keep you post our upcoming amazing and inspiration office space soon.

AKI Design Hanoi Branch