Tsubouchi Gakuen – A Place That Makes Dreams Come True

Tsubouchi Gakuen Group was established in the 1960s, and their headquarter is currently based in Matsue City, Japan. They have various vocational education centres across Japan ranging from childcare to automation engineering courses, providing students with all the necessary skills to enter Japan’s busy working society.

This is Tsubouchi Gakuen’s first language centre outside of Japan, with an aim to pave the way for young Vietnamese students to study abroad and work in Japan by first helping them master the language.

The key concept of this centre was Bright, Fashionable, Open-Space with a touch of Japanese vibe at the entrance.

AKI Design were able to flawlessly deliver these concepts through a mix-match of bright and playful colours, open-ceilings and translucents lighting in various common areas of the centre.

The blue logo colour of Tsubouchi Gakuen has been thoroughly incorporated into the design from wallpapers to furnitures.

In this project, we made sure to supply only the most comfortable high-quality furniture after learning from the client that there will be a high volume of students using the space everyday.


AKI DESIGN – Workplace Strategy
“Better Design, Better Performance”